The Arts! Conservation and Preservation.


Thank you for your interest in giving to Fortroyal Foundation, Inc.

There are many ways to make charitable contributions to Fortroyal and each type of gift has potential tax benefits.

The majority of gifts to Fortroyal are cash contributions, for which donors receive tax benefits.  Cash gifts can be put into immediate use by the foundation and will benefit our conservation, preservation, and restoration efforts and will strengthen our support for the arts.  Fortroyal also accepts gifts of securities which can offer substantial tax advantages to the donor.  Transferring stock to the foundation as a gift of securities is valued at the median price on the date of transfer to Fortroyal.  Capital Gains on the date of appreciation may be avoided and the donor could potentially receive a tax deduction for the full market value of the stock.

A gift of tangible property to Fortroyal will result in a tax deduction as well.  We accept works of art, furniture, antiques, and other materials, especially those related to the Eerie Canal, New York State history, heirloom state history, the Civil War, and anything to do with Karner Butterflies (an endangered species once prevalent in the area).  We accept high-end Victorian furniture, fabric, and textile. We accept anything related to John H. Starin or his enterprises.  A donation of real estate can be accepted however we do have foundation guidelines regarding what types of property we sponsor.

A lot of people donate their time to Fortroyal as well.  We are always accepting volunteers, who can work on and around our properties.

When you donate to Fortroyal, you become a member of Friends of Fortroyal.

There are more ways of giving to Fortroyal beyond what’s listed here.  We would be happy to discuss options with you or answer any specific questions that you may have.

We appreciate your interest in giving to Fortroyal Foundation, Inc. and look forward to hearing from you.